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"no i wan swimming"


my life’s resume: i tried

Wow I haven’t been on here for long.

I guess I finally decided to start trying to focus maybe? I don’t know if that’s it.

I got home yesterday for “spring break” aka 3 interviews next week back to back. I need to start preparing but I can’t stop seeing red: I really hate my so called friends at home. I want to go back to college already. Obviously I don’t want to hurt my family so I won’t say anything and just suck it up, but my friends at school actually give a shit about me.

I feel like everyone will walk out of my life at some point, I just think my school friends will last til graduation at least. And I’ve had a lot of fun with them last semester and this one… Can’t wait to live with some of them again next year.

I hate being ditched and used and shit on like I get when I’m home: my friends at school don’t do things like that.

I hate the feelings I get when I’m home and alone like this: I look at things and I get upset by them when normally I wouldn’t let it bother me.

I don’t know if this is such a hot start to spring break.